That’s One Big Dog!


That’s One Big Dog!

Yes, yes it is. It’s hard to miss the giant, 500-lb bulldog in front of the newly appointed 2nd location of Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate at 1028 Lake Oconee Parkway in Eatonton, but that’s really the point, isn’t it? If you’re going to open a new office, you want to be noticed. Mission accomplished.   Still, the bulldog is a tribute to a sincere love of the breed, and also serves as a heartfelt nod to the Logan’s first bulldog, Munson, who unwittingly branded the husband and wife Realtor team over 15 years ago.

“When introducing myself and my husband as Kim and Lin, people would always say, ‘Oh, the Realtors with the bulldog’” laughs Kim Logan, co-owner and Broker of Lake Oconee’s most recognized real estate team. “We didn’t realize all those years ago that Munson would be so popular, but everyone loved him, and he became the “face” of the company. That’s also why our company logo has the bulldog in it. And the fact that we’re HUGE Georgia fans.” Tank the bulldog, Munson’s successor, is now the company mascot and makes regular trips to the office to meet and greet. He also appears in the majority of advertising and is always willing to wear a hat, bandanna or sunglasses for a photo op. His easy-going nature and silliness make it obvious why the English bulldog breed is so beloved by the Logan family, and why they chose to immortalize him with a statue.

Of course, the beloved bulldog would have a significant place at this new location. The once humble building was previously home to a pest control company, and was a functional, but cold, rather dark space. This same building has been renovated by Kris Marshall of Weidmann Remodeling, and is now a quaint, warm, lovely workplace. “It’s perfect for us,” Kim says. “The building stands apart from the rest, just like our marketing.”

Reclaimed wood plays a major part in the renovations and lends a homey, rustic feel to the lake-inspired décor.  On the main level, an elegant metal chandelier softly illuminates a hand-hewn conference table surrounded by leopard print chenille chairs. Across the room, the reception desk is anything but ordinary, welded and formed by Terry Scoggins out of an old pontoon boat. Appropriately, the reception desk chair is a repurposed captains chair, salvaged from another boat. Admittedly, it’s a “wow” piece, that attracts nearly as much attention as the bulldog outside.

Upstairs, two offices were also outfitted similarly, the style reminiscent of an elegantly accented, lakeside retreat. The goal was to make a quaint, comfortable, inviting space where the team could enjoy working, and where clients would enjoy visiting.

Saturday, April 28, the clients did visit, and they did enjoy. In appreciation of the clients who contributed to 18+ years of success, over 200 current and past clients of the Kim and Lin Logan duo gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Lake Oconee Parkway location. Great food, music and conversation were had by all. The pontoon desk was a big hit, as was the overall look of the office, but by far, the most-heard phrase was, “That’s one big dog!”

Judging from the buzz it’s creating in the community, it’s likely that the Kim and Lin Bulldog will become the next area landmark.   When a Lake Country visitor asks, “Where’s the closest Grocery store? You know you can now answer, “Publix is 2.3 mi north of the Big Bulldog on Hwy 44.”  Or you can direct them to a great meal. “Where can I find a fabulous dinner?”  You’ll answer, “Bone Island Grillhouse is 1.5 mi South of the Big Bulldog on Hwy 44.” See how easy that is? Go ahead and practice so you’ll be ready when summer vacation season starts!