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Lake Sinclair is owned by Georgia Power, a Southern Company. The lake has been in existence since the 1950’s. Lake Sinclair is located about 90 drive southeast of Atlanta. The lake was formed by damming the Oconee River. The lake is large enough to enjoy all types of on-water recreation. 400+ miles of shoreline and over 15,000 acres of surface area. The lake is sheltered by the heavily forested hills that are found in this part of the state. This lake enjoys a lot of natural beauty. There are several scenic islands scattered around the lake. National forest and waterfowl refuge find their borders on Lake Sinclair. This lake offers consistent water levels throughout the year and is boatable year-round. Unlike many of Georgia’s better-known lakes, Lake Sinclair is drought resistant.

Lake Sinclair is one of the cleanest lakes in Georgia. There are no eating restrictions on the fish caught out of Lake Sinclair. Water clarity on Lake Sinclair varies depending on location. This is a mud, sand & rock bottom lake and is not as clear as rock bottom lakes found in the mountains. Try to remember clarity does not necessarily mean clean. Many lakes that have good water clarity are polluted. Some areas of Lake Sinclair will be stained after heavy rainfalls. Most areas will clear out within a week or two, but some areas can stay stained for an extended period of time. If you are sensitive to water clarity, you should work with one of our Lake Sinclair agents who can steer you towards the lake areas with the best water clarity. Generally speaking, the clearest water on the lake is located on the southern side closer to the dam. The best way to judge the water clarity on any lake is to stick your hand in the water when viewing various lake properties. Click here for more information about schools in the area or property tax records.

 If you’re looking for lake homes for sale in Georgia, near Baldwin, Putman, and Handcock Counties, Lake Sinclair is the perfect place for you. Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate can help you find the perfect lot or home for sale on Lake Sinclair. “We try to make it fun! Part of living out here is enjoying the lifestyle and we’re happy to enjoy it with you while you look for property,” explains Lin Logan. Call us today and let us show you the lifestyle we love to live!


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Lake Sinclair Leisure

Encompassing 15,300 acres for fishing, skiing, swimming, boating and dipping your toes in off the dock, Lake Sinclair offers endless afternoon’s of family fun. Several area marinas offer convenience for visitors to fuel their boat and belly. Rent a paddle board, jet ski or pontoon boat for a day on the water.

If one day isn’t enough, campgrounds and home rentals allow guests to watch the sunset glisten on the water. As well as area hotels are available a few miles down the road. Enjoy the day on the lake but don’t forget to visit some of the favorite animals here on Goat Island.

With Milledgeville’s mild climate, you will find watercraft of all shapes and sizes on the lake year-round. Fishing tournaments from club level to professional are common on Lake Sinclair, and your best bets are Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Hybrids, Catfish & Striped Bass.

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