Brittney Cares: Atlas

Giving back to the community and helping those in need is the most important aspect of our lives. In honor of Brittney Cares, our team donates to Atlas as he and his family navigates his cancer diagnosis. Help us help Atlas and this wonderful family by giving to their GoFundMe page

Atlas’ Story

Our 11 month old son, Atlas Mendez, was diagnosed with Poorly Differentiated Spindle Cell Sarcoma. A rapidly growing left arm mass with high suspension of malignancy.
Since its discovery in September 2022, Atlas has had an unthinkable amount of testing, procedures, and treatments begin. We have had several multiple day/night admissions at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia located in Augusta, GA. Xavier and I are continuing to work as much as we can even with Atlas’ hospital stays, travel, and local doctors appointments. At this time, Atlas is either in physical/occupational therapy or a doctors office a minimum of 3 times per week. He also requires routine follow ups in outpatient clinic in Augusta to assess his disease response and monitor side effects.
As of 10/04/2022, Atlas has begun Chemotherapy Treatments necessary for his condition. His current chemotherapy plan consists of inpatient chemo for 3 days every 3 weeks. He is also taking an oral chemotherapy continuously, 6 days per week, at home.
Sadly, Atlas’ future treatment plan does consist of a partial arm amputation of his left arm. This will likely require one of us to be in the hospital with him for an extended amount of time. Chemotherapy will follow amputation for at least 2 more rounds. Atlas has many challenges, treatments, procedures, ahead of him.
As many families of medically fragile loved ones are aware, treatment plans can change at any moment and have, several times. Cancer is so unpredictable.
We would like to focus our time on our family and Atlas’ treatment and recovery. We are living each day one breath at a time. Maintaining our positivity and believing in his wonderful medical team! Your donations will allow us to spend as much time with our two amazing boys and relieve any financial stress we could incur during this time. Any donation and share is greatly appreciated by our family.