Why It Makes Sense To Move Now

Don’t wait for the spring real estate market to list your home for sale or buy a new Lake Oconee lakefront home. Though this is the most common time for people to list their homes, doing so now can cause you to leave money on the table, and it could mean it takes longer for you to sell your home. Why should you list now, before spring arrives?

Spring Brings the Competition

If you are listing your home for sale or even buying another home now, the spring real estate market tends to provide a large influx of people to the market. That means there’s more competition for you. Consider these strategies if you’re hoping to list your home for sale now or find your dream property.

Buying now means fewer people bidding on a home you want

If you find the dream home you want now, you can bid confidently. There’s likely to be less competition from other home buyers in the area. That means there’s more opportunity for you to get a great deal without having to worry about a bidding war. Once those spring buyers enter the market, there’s far more competition, which can lead to increased home costs.

As more buyers enter the market, it becomes more challenging to stand out when placing an offer. You may have to offer more, offer a faster close, or negotiate the terms to appease the seller a bit more.

Listing your home now means there’s less competition

If you are hoping to list your home for sale now so you can move, you’ll encounter far fewer other properties on the market. It’s quite common, in some areas, for the spring to bring lots of new listings. As those crowd the MLS, that makes it far more challenging for home sellers to stand out. You may have to offer more or negotiate harder to get your property the offers it deserves.

Knowing when to list a home for sale is quite important, and it really comes down to the local area. We highly recommend working with a real estate agent that can get to know what’s the ideal time to list for your property to get the fastest close but the highest price point. Our top selling agents are local to Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair and know lake country real estate.

Today’s home sellers are motivated

Another valuable reason not to wait is as simple as this. People who are in the spring market right now and looking to sell their homes need to sell. They are not willing and sometimes not able to wait. They could be relocating, downsizing, or just making a change that’s important to their family. They don’t want to wait a few more months to close. That provides you with some advantages if you’re a buyer. You may be able to negotiate a great price and get the conditions you desire.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty about what’s to come in the real estate market this spring and summer. Right now, sellers are motivated, home prices are competitive and not increasing as quickly as they were, and mortgage rates remain affordable to many. There’s no way to know what’s to come if a significant change in the local market occurs. Right now, though, you know what to expect if you make the decision to buy.

Your agents can put more toward your listing

The spring market gets busy, but if you want to list your home and get lots of attention for it, perhaps to increase what you earn from it or perhaps because you want to sell faster, you’ll appreciate the ability for agents to show your home more readily. There’s less competition for their time, which may mean more showings than you would have received before.

Buy Now, Close, and Relax This Summer

When you buy a home during the very early spring months (or even still in winter), you’ll be well on your way to moving in by the early summer. That means a summer full of enjoying your new home, making repairs as needed, and not having to empty boxes when you want to enjoy the beautiful weather and amenities in our area.

The Move Is Just Easier

While you may be focused on the benefits of the real estate market itself, make sure you also consider how much easier the move will be in early spring than in summer:

  • It costs less to move during the spring than it does in the summer. That’s because movers are more readily available.
  • You can move without as much notice – that’s for the same reason as before. Your movers are more readily available to accommodate your needs.
  • It’s easier to move when you have longer hours of daylight and lower temperatures to deal with, too.

Spring brings with it a wave of home buyers and sellers. Once you’ve reached that point of the real estate year, you’ll find the process can be slowed significantly. That’s why we encourage you to move now or at least get your home listed and ready to go so you can tap into the perfect home buyers for it as soon as they enter the market.

Let our team help you. We can help you to:

  • Determine if you should sell now
  • How much to list your home for
  • If there’s any reason or value to holding off on listing your home

Our goal is not to rush your move but to give you the ability to buy with confidence or sell at the highest rate and on your timeline. When you meet with our team, we’ll discuss all of the options for you and when it would be ideal for you to make your move.

Don’t Wait to List Your Home – We Can Help You

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