What to do for Father’s Day | What do Fathers want?

Recently I scoured the internet to find out what dads really want. Turns out… they just want to spend time with their families. Most don’t really want (or expect) a present, although I suspect they’d secretly be thrilled that you shopped for them. But by far, all they really want is a little attention from those they love the most.

Everyone’s first thought is – what is there to do on Father’s Day? Lake activities are abundant, and if being on the water makes Dad happy, there are a multitude of places in Georgia’s Lake Country at which you can coordinate a day of fun. Click here for a list.

If you’re wondering who’s serving brunch, the quick answer to that is… The Ritz. They routinely take care of holidays, and if you’re set on going out for a fabulous meal, you can count on them. The information is below.

The Big Father’s Day Cookout

June 17, 2018 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Treat Dad to an escape to the lake this Father’s Day with our Big Father’s Day Cookout. Join us for culinary samplings from guest chefs, Chef Bri Van Scotter of Wilderness to Table, Chef Tristen Epps of Mister Tuna in Denver, and Derin Moore of Reynolds Lake Oconee, live music by Brassfield Ally, bourbon presentation featuring Elijah Craig Distillery and much more. This event is priced at $68 per adult and $39 per child, exclusive of tax and gratuity. All children under the age of three are complimentary.

Please call Restaurant Coordinator at 706.467.7059 to secure your reservation.

Don’t discount the simple pleasures though. When was the last time you invited your dad to play a game of checkers. Chess? Cards? How about a family game of Monopoly? Invite him for a walk and give him the pleasure of telling him you’ve valued his wisdom over the years. Ask his advice on a project, and ask him to help, even if you don’t really need it – it’s the quality time, you see.

What I’m trying to impress upon you is that life and time are fleeting. Don’t be so caught up in doing something FOR Dad. Do something WITH Dad.  Give him what he treasures the most  – YOU.