Valentines Decor For Your Lake Oconee Home

By Joyce Moore

Why settle for the predictable roses and chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Instead, spice things up with some unusual and less expensive floral selections. You spend a lot of time and money sprucing up your home for the market. Why not add a touch of romance to your decor to entice the young couples searching for a new home? 


pastedGraphic.png, Lake Oconee


Exotic, cool, and sexy– orchids come in dozens of varieties and colors so you’re sure to find just the right fit for kitchen or dining room table. Bonus points:  these luscious blooms last weeks, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Potted Plants

Lake OconeepastedGraphic_1.png, Lake Oconee

Want to keep the romance alive through the closing? Potted plants featuring native Georgia flowers will do just that. The scent of the little pink flowers is mesmerizing. This is one of the few plants that blooms during the winter and goes dormant in the summer. Perfect for your winter decor!

Sweet Treats