Business is Booming!

It is no secret that these last several years have been tough in the real estate world, and Lake Oconee is no exception. After watching businesses downsize, lay off employees and even worse close things are starting to pick up once again, especially in real estate!

In fact, just since this time last year sales are already up 13.5%!

In comparison to what we’ve experienced in this area over the last few years business is booming. Sales are up and inventories have stabilized. However there are still a lot of “Good Deals” out there! Every segment of the real estate market offers great opportunities for buyers in the Lake area.

If you are on the fence about buying your dream lake home, a vacation home or maybe you’re a first time home buyer- do not wait a second longer! The good deals won’t stick around forever and mortgage rates have never been lower and are only going to rise.
Please call us and let us help you find your HOME!