BAXTER building Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Center in Georgia near Lake Oconee

BAXTER building Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Center near Lake Oconee, bringing new jobs and new residents to the area!

Baxter building Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Center near Lake Oconee.  The location is right off I-20 between Covington and Madison.  This $1 billion manufacturing investment is expected to bring 1500 jobs to the area, with the potential for hundreds more.

Baxter International, Georgia

The new facility is being built to support the growth of Baxter’s plasma-based treatments

The new plasma fractionation facility will bring Baxter additional capacity for testing, purification, and fill and finish for its biologic medications.

Baxter construction site in Georgia

The Baxter products that will be manufactured at the Covington facility include immunoglobulin therapy for patients with immune deficiencies and albumin products, which are primarily used as plasma-volume replacement therapy in critical care, trauma and burn patients.

Baxter will be hiring for many positions, with jobs requirements ranging from a high school diploma to those requiring four-year degrees and specialized expertise.

Baxter employees and future employees have already begun relocating to the area.  They will be looking for homes from Atlanta to Lake Oconee!  This will be a great boost to the real estate market in our area.

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