TANK for MAYOR! Support Oconee Regional Humane Society and VOTE TODAY


In a time where the world’s injustices are videoed a-la-cell phone and displayed on Facebook by folks who would rather take a viral video rather than intervene, those who take an active role in the protection and servitude of others – and animals – are to be commended.

We at the KLL team love people. You have to, really, to be successful in real estate. A genuine interest in others and their individuality is what makes a good Realtor. You must be interested in the answers to ask a great question.  Nothing brings a smile to our faces faster than seeing a dream come true  – matching folks with their dream home, and likewise, seeing a homeless, unwanted animal being adopted by a loving family.

We love to support not only those in need, but also the people who labor to provide that need.  This month, the Oconee Regional Humane Society rolled out a fundraising promotion in the form of an election for the 2019 Critter Mayor of Lake Oconee.  Each vote represents a dollar amount, and ALL PROCEEDS will benefit the animals at ORHS, providing necessary transportation and veterinary care.

For those of you who know the KLL mascot, Tank Logan, you understand his deep commitment to the community and to providing comic relief to those in need. Tank takes his job here very seriously and, when he isn’t napping or snacking, is completely and wholly dedicated to improving the lives of dogs (and, reluctantly, cats) throughout Georgia’s Lake Country. So, when Tank heard about the opportunity to raise more money for ORHS, he graciously decided to run for Mayor of Lake Oconee, in an attempt to use his local fame to benefit those who are less fortunate than himself.

We thank you, Tank, for your service. Click here to vote for Tank and to support ORHS in their ongoing fight for the rights of local companion animals. Be sure to LIKE his Facebook page here.