Setting the Standard in Customer Service

What does CUSTOMER SERVICE mean to you?

Last summer, Kim treated her personal assistant and her marketing manager to a week at the Cloister at Sea Island. It was a pricey vacation and an indulgence that most folks never get to experience. They were treated to spa sessions, a private villa with an infinity pool, and an array of delectable cuisine. It was a most memorable – and highly appreciated – reward for a job well done. But, there was a lesson to be learned.

The Cloister was chosen as a destination not only because Kim wanted to do something very special for her staff, but because of its exemplary reputation for perfection in customer service. How better to learn the value of customer service than through experience? In the Real Estate industry – which is, at its very core – a service industry, outstanding customer service is an absolute MUST. Google reviews – a research staple for today’s informed consumers – can make or break the decision to retain the services of one company over another.

Likewise, Zillow reviews are relied heavily upon by potential buyers and sellers alike, to determine what company will work the hardest for them. In fact, clients often confirm that very fact. So, when we received a package from Zillow this week congratulating us on being awarded a Best Of Zillow status for outstanding customer service, we were thrilled. It’s wonderful when your efforts are rewarded, and we’ve been smiling all week while continuing to go the extra mile. We are proud to be part of a group of companies who “set a standard for what it means to be a Zillow Premier Agent.” Nice. This is not a time to relax and bask in the glow of another award, however. It’s simply confirmation that we’re on the right track and to keep on keeping on.

So, in true Cloister manner, we ask – would you like your complimentary bottled water chilled, or room temperature?





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