Monkey See, Monkey Do


Monkey See Monkey Do

I heard the words “Monkey see, monkey do” from the time I was a little girl. Usually, it was said to my older siblings to remind them that I would imitate the things they did, bad or good. Usually bad, but that’s another subject.  A few times over the years, I have often thought how unfortunate it is that bad behaviors are viewed as being more “fun” and are imitated more frequently than are actions benefitting others. Oh sure, a community rallies together once in a while to support a local effort, but by and large, individuals choose to only look after their own.  It’s become the human way.

This summer, there has been a wonderful trend of good deeds in the Lake Country, and it’s my pleasure to point them out.


Kim and Lin’s son-in-law Rusty Ledford made our hearts proud a few weeks ago when he and his brother took off to Houston to do what they could for the residents fleeing from the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.  That same young man showed up at my house last week with a generator and two full cans of gasoline just hours after finding out we hadn’t had power in four days due to Hurricane Irma. I returned home from work and he had our refrigerator running and lights on. Amazing… but it’s just who he is.


Brandy Angel, a local photographer who works tirelessly to bring attention and fundraising to children and families affected by life-threatening illnesses, was recently nominated for a RICE award. (Rising in Community Excellence) Her website was set up to  “Create sustainable experiences that produce joy, compassion and positive change…” Brandy never asks for anything in return. Ever. it’s just who she is.


Earlier this past summer, Kara Fuller, General Manager of the Bone Island Grillhouse, got wind of the plight of an employee’s mother. Diagnosed with cancer, Rogette Boyer was struggling with a heartbreaking diagnosis with no health insurance.  Kara immediately rallied friends, patrons and employees together to raise over $20,000 for Mrs. Boyer.  Meanwhile, Kara is in a fight for her own health. Not a peep about her own struggle. Again, it’s just who she is.


Earlier this year our own Kim Logan and Bank South Mortgage’s Jerry Fowler raised over $25,000 for the First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro, through the Dancing with the Lake Oconee Stars event.  This week we received a flyer from Margaret Keck, the director of the First Call Pregnancy Center. On Sunday, Oct. 22, the Jake Hartley Band will be putting on a performance at the Briarpatch Farm (725 Pea Ridge Road, Eatonton) that will benefit this charity.  The Bibs, Boots & BBQ event is from 6:30-8:30 and promises to be a great time. Tickets are $25, and you can purchase yours by calling 706-453-1908.


If we emulate anything from what we see around us, let it be the goodness witnessed in another’s heart. Monkey see, monkey do.


See. Do. Let’s start here.