Living on Lake Sinclair in Georgia

The Georgia Power Company created Lake Sinclair near Milledgeville, Georgia in 1953. The company named Lake Sinclair after one of its executives, Benjamin Sinclair. Today, the manmade lake stretches 417 miles through the Georgia counties of Putnam, Hancock, and Baldwin. Lake Sinclair features scenic shorelines, winding coves, and inlets along with many lakefront homes.

Lake Sinclair real estate professionals widely consider the lake the cleanest one in Georgia. Several islands line the lake, which visitors and residents can easily reach by boat. Boating is a popular year-round activity in this area of the state. Lake Sinclair also borders national forests and wildlife refuge centers.

Milledgeville, the nearest town to the lake, is conveniently located just two hours southeast of Atlanta. Situated just off Highway 20, Lake Sinclair attracts a large number of boaters, campers, swimmers, and people who want to go fishing. The area also has many fully-developed homes for those who want to live near the lake permanently.

Types of Property Ownership Available on Lake Sinclair

With the Georgia Power Company still owning Lake Sinclair, it maintains control over two property types. These are leased lots and leased strip, which means that people who build or purchase a home near Lake Sinclair own the home itself while the power company owns some or all the land it sits on. With a leased strip, the homeowner owns everything but a strip of land along the lakeshore. The third option is for homeowners to purchase a fully deeded home that gives them rights to the home and all land surrounding it.

Lake Sinclair Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods around Lake Sinclair vary in the covenants they place on residents. For example, certain neighborhoods only allow homes built onsite while others have few, if any, such restrictions.

Homeownership on Lake Sinclair has shifted in the past several years as more people have reached retirement age and decided to live near the lake full-time. People who only lived in their lake home on weekends and maintained a separate property elsewhere during the week were most common before this gradual shift started getting underway. The Milledgeville, Georgia area attracts a large percentage of retirees moving here from out of state for the mild year-round weather.

Amenities Near the Lake Sinclair Area

Lake Sinclair is a mostly rural area with a population of around 80,000 people. Numerous college students attend class and live in the nearby city of Milledgeville. Residents can reach the Atlantic Ocean or the Appalachian Mountains within three hours. Although the area presently does not have a lot of commercial development, it does have several existing businesses to serve the various needs of residents.

Marinas are popular around Lake Sinclair, some of which have full-service restaurants. Other businesses and attractions in the area include:

  • Acreage tracts for public hunting
  • Baldwin County Airport
  • Historic towns nearby, including Milledgeville that was once the capital of Georgia
  • Many sit-down and fast-food restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Parks and gyms in nearby Milledgeville to play racquetball, basketball, tennis, or volleyball
  • Retail stores like Wal-Mart and Lowe’s
  • Rock Hawk Effigy Trails for hiking
  • Shopping centers
  • The Club at Lake Sinclair 18-Hole Golf Course and several other public and private golf courses

Lake Sinclair Real Estate Scene

Real estate in this area represents all ends of the price spectrum. At the lower end are small one-bedroom or manufactured homes going for as low as $35,000. Most houses run in the higher hundreds of thousands range with some priced over $1 million dollars. Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate currently lists a selection of homes for sale on Lake Sinclair.

Our realty company also provides access to hundreds of listings throughout Georgia. These are upscale homes priced a bit higher than the range described above along with some vacant lots for sale. Kim and Lin Logan have sold real estate near Lake Sinclair for years and love introducing people to the unique lifestyle the area affords. We maintain offices in Eatonton and Greensboro, Georgia. Please contact us to learn more or inquire about a listing.