Learn More About The History Behind Lake Oconee

Although it is certainly a crown jewel of Georgia’s Greene, Morgan, and Putnam counties, the scenic and pleasant Lake Oconee remains largely unknown to most people. And that’s just fine with the people who live in the area. After all, its rustic environment and unspoiled nature only add to its undeniable charm.

As a testament to its beauty, the lake has attracted homeowners from far and wide to live along its shores and surrounding areas. Lake Oconee may seem quite remote, but the Lake Oconee region is roughly halfway between Atlanta and Augusta. This means that it is located less than an hour and a half away from the two biggest cities in the state. and is just 15 minutes outside of Greensboro – a small but bustling community that serves as the county seat of Greene County. 


A Short History of Lake Oconee

The Oconee River has been bringing water to the Greensboro/Lake Oconee region since long before the birth of America. In fact, the name “Oconee” originally referred to an ancient town of the Muscogee Creek Native American people of what is now central Georgia.

A man-made reservoir on the Oconee River, Lake Oconee is the product of Wallace Dam. This dam also created Lake Oconee’s sister lake, the adjacent Lake Sinclair. The Georgia Power Company started construction on Wallace Dam in 1971 and brought it into service in 1979. By the end of 1980, the dam had flooded strategic areas of the Oconee River valley.

Since then, the surrounding Georgia counties of Greene, Morgan, and Putnam have benefited significantly from the formation of Lake Oconee. A powerful natural attraction, the lake has drawn an influx of residents and businesses to the region.

Lake Oconee Facts and Figures

Lake Oconee is a reservoir for the Georgia Power Company’s Wallace Hydroelectric Plant. By allowing water to pass through Wallace Dam, Georgia Power Company can produce as many as 321.2 megawatts of electricity.

The second-largest lake in Georgia, Lake Oconee has a surface area of roughly 374 miles of shoreline and a surface area more than 19,970 acres. Although its maximum width is less than a mile, it spans 20 miles in total length. Lake Oconee has an average depth of 21 feet, but it plummets to more than 100 feet at its deepest points.  

The Pristine Quality of Lake Oconee

Because none of the tributaries that flow into Lake Oconee pass through a large industrial city, its waters are extremely clear and environmentally safe. The Georgia Power Company has surrounded the whole of Lake Oconee with an “environmental strip” that is entirely free of all structures and infrastructure including buildings, plumbing, and septic tanks. As part of general municipal efforts to keep Lake Oconee’s waters, bed, shoreline, and surrounding area as clean as possible, boats with toilets and enclosed cabins are strictly prohibited. Local government, Georgia Power, and other organizations are also committed to keeping the water level of Lake Oconee consistent and preserving the area.

Lake Oconee Outdoor Recreation 

Thanks to clear waters and its easy accessibility, Lake Oconee is generally popular among local residents who appreciate a cool dip on a hot day as well as those who appreciate boating and water sports that range from kayaking and canoeing to waterskiing and wave running. It is also widely regarded as of the best fishing lakes in the Southeast United States and has desirable game fish species including bass, catfish, and crappie.

Lake Oconee Amenities

In addition to the many attractions, features, and amenities in the nearby city of Greensboro, Lake Oconee is home to several resort-style golf communities and many quaint shops, boutiques, restaurants, and markets. In large part due to its local Oconee Performing Arts Society (OPAS) the area also has a thriving entertainment and cultural scene. If catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster is more to your liking, you can also pay a visit to the local movie theater.

Living in the Lake Oconee Area

Housing on the market around Lake Oconee range from large multi-million-dollar mansions to much smaller vacation bungalows, and condos. You can live inside the gates of golf communities or on the country side on a farm.  There is something we know you will love, so take a look at the available listings and let us know how we can help. 

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