Lake Oconee Rock Adventures – Climbing and Jumping!


When you think about Lake Oconee the first thing to your mind might be beautiful lakefront real estate,  jet skis, or the great fishing in the area.  But rock climbing?  Believe it or not adventurers,   Lake Oconee’s surrounding land houses a wide array of climbable boulders for adventurers and  aspiring rock climbers alike.  The recent historical climb up El Capitan in Yosemite by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson brought a lot of publicity to rock climbing.    A 1,000 ft. on a mountain face is pretty daunting, fortunately there are no boulders higher than 10 ft. ­ so the Lake Oconee rocks are a great place to start!

oconee-RobertSmithOnBiggerTacoNow the tricky part is finding the boulders.

Fortunately, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition  has done most of the work for us. Your kids will love hiking through the wonderful forest around Lake Oconee, discovering places no one has even seen! And who knows, there could be some great climbing spots nestled on our lakefront properties off Liberty Church Road just waiting for someone to find them.

The road that leads into the heart of the WMA and the boulders is just off of Liberty Church Road.

If  climbing rocks isn’t your speed, there are also plenty of boulders near the water.  Kids can safely jump from the rocks into the lake for a truly unique experience.  It’s like cliff diving with training wheels!

There are subdivisions near the big rock and you will love the boulders that remind you of  North Ga. The water is clear and the views are beautiful. These subdivisions on the lake are Pioneer Woods, Indian Woods, Rock Island, Long Island Forest, Long Shoals. I once showed a buyer around the lake and showed the many areas that are beautiful and as soon as he saw the boulders on the lake he was hooked. Dave Collins now lives near Rock Island and has a gorgeous view to wake up to every morning. If you are looking for real estate and want to look in this area of the lake please call Lin and I today and we would love to assist you. We have been the #1 husband and wife team at the lake for the past 6 years.

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There are currently no listings in ROCK ISLAND PT but please check out these great listings:

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Don’t worry parents, these boulders don’t go above 5­6 ft. and the water is plenty deep for the kids to make a splash.

jumping rock 2






rock 3



Come visit Lake Oconee and give us a call!

We have several properties near these great boulders that appeal to the inner adventurer in you!