Homes with Swimming Pools

145 Barrington in Great Waters | $2,849,000 | MLS#49838



“Pools don’t necessarily add value to your home, and a backyard pool is not for everyone, but…someone is looking for it,” says Traci Nelson, a Realtor with Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate in Greensboro, GA. “It’s not a sellable feature, but it may be the feature that may sell your home,” she adds.

According to Traci, buyers expect a pool in a 2M+ luxury home, despite the fact that this is a lake community. If there’s not, she says, it can even be a negative. “Weekenders,” she explains, “They want a pool, or a lot that can accommodate the building of a pool.” She has found that many of her clients want to buy at the lake – not for lake swimming – but for boating, or simply enjoying the views.

The current trend over the last couple of years is the demand for saltwater pools, over chlorine. Although saltwater pools DO contain chlorine (yes, really), the added salt is widely reported to simply “feel better” on the skin that does traditional chlorine.  Pools are for relaxation and family entertainment. No one wants to deal with itchy skin and eyes at the end of the day. Aside from that, the salt used in the pools usually ends up being less expensive over time than would the chlorine tablets.

Having a backyard pool does indeed require upkeep, but honestly, nothing beats being able to jump in a cool pool at the end of a hot day, and the benefits to your health and body are obvious.

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