GREAT Party, Lake Country!

We get a good amount of new business from our past client database, and that pleases us immensely. The number of organic referrals and reviews a real estate agent/company gets is the truest gauge of customer service that exists. If you provide value and you treat them well, they will tell their friends – it’s a fact.

That’s why we LOVE to reward our clients with fun events and opportunities to win prizes and pick up goodies throughout the year. Our annual Client Appreciation Party has become a highly anticipated event here in the Lake Country, and we hear from some folks that they come to town specifically to attend.

This year on May 31, we were a little nervous because it had been sweltering hot all week. Would people come in the heat? Turns out…yes! We had nearly 400 guests over a period of several hours, and it simply could not have turned out better. A nice breeze and two giant fans cooled everyone down while the always entertaining Tim Cadiere and the Washboard Road Band lit up the crowd with familiar tunes and easy smiles.

We brought in the Varsity food truck as well as UGA’s Taqueria food truck to feed the hungry crowd, while Kelli and Jerry Fowler with Bank South brought a full bar and two delightful ladies to whet their whistles. At the end of the night, bellies were full, hearts were light, and friendships were renewed.

It was a lot (A LOT) of work in preparation, but as guests pulled us aside to say what a good time they were having, it was well worthwhile. Gosh, it was fun. Only 360 days until the next one!

Over and over, we set the bar in customer service. Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate… why go anywhere else?

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