Decisions, Decisions… Embracing Change

Every one of our clients who walk through the door is experiencing change. Some are celebratory events: New job, family addition, retirement, income upgrade. Some are gut-wrenching life changes: liquidation of assets, death in the family, extended illness, loss of income.  No matter the circumstances, their lives will never be the same, and they look to our agents to simplify the homebuying process. One less thing, you know?

Often, we have the pleasure of meeting folks whose goal is to downsize into their retirement home. Many want one-level so they don’t have to deal with navigating staircases at an advanced age.  Some couples come in and want to upgrade due to expanding family size or new job. They don’t know what area they’d like to live in, but they know the features they’d like to have and know their budget.  This is where a knowledgeable agent comes into play – when matching a buyer and a home. What subdivisions are near the best area schools? Which communities have one-level living? Which ones are closest to hospitals and shopping?  What areas see the best resale value? What parts of the lake have the deepest water? There are seemingly endless combinations of data to sort through. The clients are not simply looking for aesthetics, but need to consider school district, proximity to daily shopping, access to healthcare, and a dozen other things about which they may never have thought to ask.

During the homebuying process, your Realtor is your advocate, your confidante, and your new bestie. She’s protecting your interests, anticipating your needs, and negotiating on your behalf, all within your timeline, your budget, and your myriad of special considerations.  She’s got you covered.  She is, in short, your personal superhero.  You can spend your time then, embracing and adjusting to your change.

Is your life changing? Call Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate. We got this.

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