Brittney Cares: Wesley Sides

19-year old Wesley is an avid outdoorsman who loved spending time working outdoor fishing, riding and working on motorcycles.

But life took a dramatic turn on the evening on June 7th, 2019. Coming home from a long day at work, Wesley was involved in a car accident that sent his car careening off an embankment on Pea Ridge Road in Eatonton.

Brittney Cares

The roof of the car was peeled back, and the left side of the car was ripped off. When emergency crews found Wesley, he was underneath the car with severe damage to his left leg. It’s a miracle he survived, but Wesley, at the age of 18, had to have his left leg amputated above the knee.

Following the accident, Wesley spent two months in the hospital. He underwent 14 surgeries during that time frame to save the rest of his leg.

In February, Wesley had his most recent surgery to clean up the leg and move onto the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for: a prosthetic leg to improve his mobility and ability to get back to work.

But despite the bright times ahead, the physical, mental, and financial toll of a dramatic injury and subsequent bills creates a number of hardships. Even with disability, hospital bills have piled up.

Wesley looks forward to moving ahead with his prosthetic, which will require many hours of surgery and physical therapy to get him up and moving.

With time, he hopes to return to work and the active lifestyle he enjoyed before the wreck.

Like the life-changing tragedy Wesley endured, Kim and Lin Logan understand the toll it can take. In 1999, Kim and Lin Logan lost their daughter, Brittney. In honor of Brittney’s memory and giving nature, Kim and Lin formed the Brittney Cares Charity to honor her memory and support others.

Each month, agents on the Kim and Lin Logan Team can donate a portion of each paycheck to Brittney Cares. The donation is matched by Kim and Lin and donated to help those in need.

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Once we heard Wesley Sides’ story, we knew we had to make a difference.

On June 10th, Wesley Sides and Christina Wilkins came to the Eatonton office and shared their story. While the wreck may have taken a portion of Wesleys’ leg,, it’s abundantly clear there is no attacking his spirit.

Through Brittney cares, we were fortunate to provide a helping hand to Wesley Sides by giving a $2500 donation to help cover his medical expenses, helping Wesley move closer to getting back to the hobbies and activities he enjoys most.

If you’d like to donate and help Wesley, we encourage you to do so. This donation is a small gesture we hope will make a big difference.

What you do and leave behind is the legacy you create. If you’d like to learn more about Brittney Cares and helping Wesley, please head to