Brittney Cares: The Scott Family

This month Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate have been fortunate enough to help contribute to the continued cancer treatment of ten-year-old Sean Scott through the work of Brittney Cares.

Please read the story of Sean Scott, as told by his mother.

“At 10 years old Sean was on the verge of having his airway closed off by a mass growing inside of his chest. We were on vacation and whitewater rafting the week prior to his diagnosis with no idea of the critical shape his body was in. He had been to several specialists for issues over the past couple of years of his life, but no one could tell us anything. After taking him to two different ER’s the same week for issues like difficulty swallowing without pain in shoulder and the last being an episode where he broke out in a sweat, eyes rolling back, couldn’t breathe then going limp, we then attended our second appointment at the Children’s Hospital of Ga Pediatric Gastro. 

Walking into that appointment I, Sean’s Mama, was in tears told the Dr., “Please listen to me, something is wrong.” Immediately the doctor said, “Absolutely Mama, no one knows their baby like a Mama“and listened to Sean’s heart. 

His heart rate was extremely high. She then took us straight down to the ER and within an hour they had run tests and discovered the mass in his chest was closing his windpipe, had encased his heart and was pushing down on it. His little body had dealt with it and overcompensated for so long that neither he nor anyone knew the danger he was in. 

For several days Sean could not be moved or sedated because his airway would close and he would not survive. The mass had to be treated with steroids in hope that it would shrink enough that the surgeons could do a biopsy and a diagnosis could be made. After 3 days the mass had shrunk considerably, and the doctors were able to do a biopsy. Sean was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and we were given his treatment protocol for the next 2 years.

More Than Two Years Later

Sean has been in this battle for 2 1⁄2 years now and we have come close to losing our precious Warrior several times. Sean has fought through chemo destroying his body’s ability to make platelets to the point they were not sure if he would be able to continue his chemo. We have been sent to see if he would qualify for bone marrow as a last resort.

Sean was the first child in his clinic to be treated for this and had it not been for his phenomenal Dr, and CHOG’s fabulous PEDS Oncology, we would have never known. They are all truly heaven sent. He has had several stays in hospital and setbacks because his body is extremely sensitive to Chemo and it breaks him down so. But Thank You, Jesus, after 11 months of treatment we were told the words we had been longing for, Sean was in REMISSION. 

Although Sean still has to complete his course of chemo and treatments to ensure cancer does not come back, he is still in disbelief that he beat cancer. Sean has always been known for his extremely loving and funny personality. 

Even through all his treatments, losing our home due to mold, and the day to day battles, he has kept everyone around him laughing and falling in love with him. His little faith has stayed strong throughout and his saying from the beginning is “God’s Got This!” 

We, as his parents, have never seen such fight, strength, and faith as shown in our Little Warrior along as in his brother and sister! You can also follow Sean on FB at Sean’s Story. #SeanStrong #GodsGotThis 

Moving Forward

While the Scott family is staying positive, enjoying the small moments together, bills are mounting on top of the stress for Sean.

Like cancer, family tragedies can strike at any time. In 1999, Kim and Lin Logan lost their daughter, Brittney. In honor of Brittney’s memory and giving nature, Kim and Lin formed the Brittney Cares Charity to honor her memory and support others.

Each month, agents on the Kim and Lin Logan Team can donate a portion of each paycheck to Brittney Cares. The donation is matched by Kim and Lin and donated to help those in need.

Once the team heard of Sean’s story, we knew we had to make a difference. As a buyers agent, Aleisha Kerschner said, “I’ve seen ALS in my own family and understand the expense and how painful it is.” 

On December 11th, the Scott family came to the Eatonton office and shared their story. Though Scott has received good news regarding his prognosis, keeping the caner in remission continues to be a focus for the family. 

Through Brittney cares, we were fortunate to provide a helping hand to the Scott Family. In the battle versus cancer, stress mounts and expenses pile up. 

This donation provides funds to aid in Sean’s treatment and help the Scott  family enjoy more precious moments together. 

If you’d like to donate and help the Scott family, we encourage you to do so. This donation is a small gesture we hope will make a big difference.

For the latest on Sean and all inquiries, please see his Facebook Page, located here. 

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