Brittney Cares: Morgen Gay

Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate are proud to share their latest donation with Brittney Cares to the Gay family.

Morgen and Skilor Gay had no way to break the news: Their one-year-old son Lee has cancer.

During a May check-up doctors discovered a Wilms Tumor on his left kidney. A few short days later, doctors operated on Lee to remove his left kidney and tumor. The tumor weighed in at 3 pounds and nearly six inches.

Fortunately, Lee bounced back incredibly quickly. The surgery went well and he returned home soon thereafter.
In June, Lee began the first of his thirteen chemo treatments. Lee is scheduled to continue chemotherapy into early October. Lee’s entire care team has been incredibly supportive throughout the journey.

As of the publishing of this post, Lee has soldiered through 10 rounds of chemo and is in great spirits despite his battles.

Lee’s parents, Skilor (father) and Morgen (mother) are maintaining great spirits and are incredibly grateful for the support they’ve received from friends, family, and the local community.  Lee’s older brother Everett is looking forward to Lee getting a clean bill of health so they can continue to play and grow up together.

Despite the support they’ve had raising two kids, working full time, and taking care of Lee has proven an incredibly challenging journey for the Gay’s.

Like Lee’s cancer, family tragedies and illness can strike at any time. In 1999, Kim and Lin Logan lost their daughter, Brittney.

In honor of Brittney’s memory and giving nature, Kim and Lin formed the Brittney Cares Charity to honor her memory and support others.
Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate, Brittney Cares

Brittney Cares

Each month, agents on the Kim and Lin Logan Team can donate a portion of each paycheck to Brittney Cares. The donation is matched by Kim and Lin and donated to help those in need.

This month, the Kim and Lin Logan team was fortunate to contribute $5,200 to help Lee and his family during their difficult time. As cancer progresses, stress mounts and expenses pile up. This donation provides funds to aid in Lee’s treatment and full recovery.

You may send donations to help Lee,  by reaching out to Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate at 706.338.0757,  heading to, or helping the Gay’s directly by using their GoFundMe page: Lee Morgan Go Fund Me