Brittney Cares: Fundraiser for Officer Joshua Wilson

A relaxing evening at home turned tragic during the early morning hours of February 5th, 2020.

Greensboro police officer Joshua Wilson and his children were fast asleep when the smell of smoke began seeping under the closed door.

Joshua’s wife was off at work, but Joshua’sJoshua’s instincts kicked in. He grabbed his children, four months old and five years old, and snuck out the back door relatively unscathed.

The house and their belongings didn’t weren’t as fortunate. The fire, which started from a natural gas heater during the chilly night, consumed 90% of the house. Their home was a total loss, minus a few components in the master bedroom.

While Officer Wilson and his family are grateful that the family is safe, they’re devastated by the loss of their personal belongings and the structure a sound home provides.

As an officer, Joshua Wilson has always been community-driven. He regularly volunteers his time to the city of Greensboro. During the holidays, officer Wilson jump-started a plant to pass out Thanksgiving Turkeys to the community, a small insight into his giving nature.

Now, it’s our turn to help Officer Wilson and his family get back on their feet. At Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate, we’re fortunate enough to assist officer Wilson and his family though Brittney Cares. Each month, agents donate a portion of their commissions to Brittney Cares which allows us as a team to support our local community here at Lake Oconee and the surrounding communities.

Brittney Cares Donation

This month, we’re proud to announce a $1000 donation to Officer Wilson and his family through Brittney Cares. This donation will help provide the Wilsons with necessities, like clothing, toiletries, formula, and other essentials.

For more information on how you can contribute to helping officer Wilson and his family, please see their GoFundMe Page created by Chief Monford and staff at the Greensboro Police department: GoFundMe

What you do and leave behind is the legacy you create. If you’d like to learn more about Brittney Cares, please head to