We did it again! WE GOT THE GOLD!


When Kim Logan purchased her first piece of Lake Oconee property in 2008, she and her husband didn’t yet realize they were beginning their future in real estate. Five years later, and having sold that property for a profit, Kim realized the oftentimes complicated nuances of purchasing and selling property for a profit came easily to her. That’s how kismet happens. It’s an organic process that progresses naturally. The seed is planted, and then the flower grows and blooms.

The flower did indeed bloom and, after being the top-selling Realtor in the Lake Oconee market for the next decade, Kim and her husband, Lin, opened their own company in 2016 at 1041 Village Park Dr. Suite 204, Greensboro, Ga. (next to Café 44). “I searched my heart and talked to God a lot before we started this venture,” Kim confides. “I felt like He told me to “take the risk,” and I listened to Him and started my own company. Little did I know the plans He had for us! I think we are rewarded when we listen to God, and I attribute our success to Him. We’ve built this business with a foundation of good hearts, hard work, and outstanding customer service. How can we lose?”

A strong work ethic and 100 percent dedication to outstanding customer service has yielded incredible success. “Our target last year was to hit $40 million,” says Kim. “We intended to double our sales from the prior year, and we did it.  I’m really proud of everyone. We worked very hard.”

Typical of Kim, she is quick to point out that the team’s success is not just about her own performance.  She points out that a good balance of skills, hard work and commitment builds a good team. That they play off of one another’s abilities and contributions, building a united, harmonious relationship focused on reaching a common goal.

“There are no individual agents here,” Kim explains. “We all work toward one common goal and are a true team.”  This team atmosphere, she says, is where the Logan crew breaks away from the rest of the pack. Great customer service, which is the perpetual mantra of the real estate industry, is often interrupted by the individual nature of each agent to compete against another for leads. Under the Logan umbrella, buyer’s agents and support staff work collectively toward a shared objective. “The agents and staff dedicate themselves to long hours and weekends. They’re not only co-workers, they’re people I love and respect. The team’s spouses and families give up a lot as well, so Lin and I wanted to be sure they are included in all the celebrations. When we met our $40 million goal this past year, we took the team and their spouses for a week vacation to Rosemary Beach in Florida.”

Kim smiles as she recalls her very humble upbringing. “I remember I loved working and selling even as a child. I would knock on doors selling a variety of things (blackberries, mistletoe and baby-sitting). I got to know everyone in the neighborhood. I love people and have a lot of energy. I put all that into my work. I always stay in touch with the people that helped me grow my business, and I treat every client the same because everyone’s home is important to them, regardless of the value.

The goal at Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate is to help clients find the perfect home or to sell their home as painlessly as possible so they can move on to the next phase of their lives. “We always operate by a few basic rules. 1- Try to make the process as enjoyable as possible and give the clients the best service possible.  2- Treat people the way you would like to be treated. 3- Always put your clients first and watch their backs,” Kim explains.  “Real estate is typically one of the biggest investments people have and I don’t take that lightly. It’s not just about making the sale, it’s about doing the right thing.”

Kim concludes by sharing a piece of advice that has become her motto. “Never be afraid to ‘take the risk and grow.’ Someone once told me that to grow you have to change, and if you can’t change, you’ll never grow. That’s why I started my own company. It was time to grow, and despite all the challenges and hard work, I’ve never been happier. Take the risk!”

On March 17, 2018, Kim and Lin Logan are set to open up their second location in Eatonton at 1028 Lake Oconee Parkway. Stop by and say hello!

To contact The Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate Team, call 706-338-0757 or visit the website at www.kimandlinlogan.com