Trust The One Who Knows

I’m a horse person, and believe me, there’s a LOT to know about owning a horse, especially when training or when they need medication. I always say that “the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.”  Real Estate is much the same way. There are layers of information underneath all branches of the customer experience, and the more questions you ask, the more detailed your professional can be. Market analyses, the negotiation process, and the closing process are good examples of situations in which clients must trust their industry professionals to be more knowledgeable than the client.

Other instances might not be as obvious. Since we’re at Lake Oconee, let’s talk docks.

It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t noticed that there are different shapes of docks. Are you aware that water depth, length of water frontage and whether or not the property is in a cove have everything to do with the type of dock that can be built?

Oh yes – and you must get approval from Georgia Power for that dock as well. What is that process? What type of decking will you choose? What about the number and type of lifts you can have installed? Can you have a boathouse? You might have an existing dock that is falling apart. What is the cost of resurfacing as opposed to a new construction? Can certain types of docks affect your home value? They sure can.

Are we dock experts? No, we’re not. But we’re real estate experts, and a good Realtor is educated in the criteria that affects your home value. Here in the Lake Country, that includes docks.  Need a local Realtor who knows their stuff? Give us a call. 706-454-1621.  Check out some of the area’s lakefront properties below.

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