The Atlanta Boat Show 2019 | What to do this weekend in Atlanta

For 57 years in a row (YES, 57!), the Atlanta Boat show has hosted hundreds of Boat/boating exhibitors at the World Congress Center to showcase the latest and greatest in boating and marine accessories. An estimated 25,000 people are expected to show up this year, 49% of which have an average household income over $100K/year. Boat show organizers report that 85% of the event-goers spend up to seven hours on the Show Floor.

For these exhibitors, it’s an important opportunity to showcase their products in front of people who are in the mood to spend money. Long hours, burning feet, and aching backs pale in comparison to the value of contacts made who later turn into clients/customers.

At the Kim and Lin Logan Team, our “products” are your homes and properties, so taking advantage of the opportunity to put our client properties in front of 25,000+ people is a no-brainer. Of course we’re there; the show is exhausting…but priceless.

Kim and Lin Logan Team – working for YOU.

Stop by the Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate booth at the Atlanta Boat Show – it’s #364. Money and prizes to win, and friends to be made!

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