Red HOT Properties at Lake Oconee – What can you get for $500K or less?

Here in Georgia’s Lake Country, Realtor clients are comprised of a lot of second home buyers coming to this beautiful area to soothe their busy minds from the city hustle and bustle. While luxury home listings are always fun to show and sell, the homes that virtually fly off the shelves is in the $500K and below range.  We have enjoyed a long seller’s market season in this price range, and the possibilities are endless.  The perfect price range for a wide variety of 2nd homes here, your money can not only buy you a fixer-upper or smaller home on a great lake lot, but also a nicer house on a smaller lot. Your best value: Buy less house on a great lot. You can always alter the home, but you can never alter your view.

Consider the listings below for your next home. Give us a call if you have any questions! 706-338-0757.

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