Realtors Give Back to Lake Community


Giving back to the community…


Here at Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate we are a big part of the community. You can find at least one person from our team at events held in or around the lake area. We eat at locally owned restaurants and support all of our locally owned businesses. We are continuously thinking of new ways to be an asset to our community.


The Espinoza Family 
On January 26th, Kim learned about a sweet family who lost everything in a house fire. She knew she had to do something to help. This family is very close to our team; Kim has known them for over 7 years and they are hard-working, kind, and humble. As a real estate brokerage, most of our clients have moved or are planning to move, which makes for the perfect opportunity to seek out any extra furniture they may be trying to give away. We sent a message to our clients and posted on social media – within just a few hours we were overwhelmed with responses. We sent out the message on Friday and by Sunday we had almost everything the family needed. People donated bedroom furniture, bathroom supplies, kitchen appliances/utensils, clothes and so much more. We had such an out pour of people offering money that we set up a GoFundMe page. People from across the country donated money and even Kim herself donated $1,000. As a result, we have raised $750 in the GoFundMe page and another $1,000 in gift cards and money sent directly to the family. The best part about the entire situation is seeing everyone in the community gather together and help this family during their time of need. It was truly amazing to see all the support. We never expected to receive as many responses as we did and it was such a blessing for this family to know that there were people from all around, who may not have even known them, that wanted to help.
Kim Logan with The Espinoza Family - Lake Oconee
Kim Logan with The Espinoza Family

Fran Faxon Foundation
That’s not the first time Kim has given back to the community. Back in November, Kim became a founding sponsor of the Fran Faxon Foundation.The Fran Faxon Scholarship fund was created in 2011 by LOABA to honor Fran Faxon, a previous LOABA member of over 20 years, a U.S. Navy veteran, and just a generally sincere and kind person. The scholarship is available to LOABA members, employees, and their families. With the help of members and the community, more than 50 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students since the scholarship was created. To learn more about the Fran Faxon Foundation visit the Lake Oconee Area Builders Association website here.


Dancing With The Lake Oconee Stars
Since we’ve been talking about giving back we can’t forget to mention Dancing with the Lake Oconee Stars!! Dancing with the Lake Oconee Stars is a charity event where couples from the community come together for a dance off and compete to raise money. It’s a fantastic event that helps to raise money for a great cause – First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro. This year, Kim and Jerry Fowler with Bank South, will be one of the couples competing. We can’t give out any numbers yet, but Kim and Jerry are on a roll raising money!! Dancing with the Lake Oconee stars will take place at the Plaza Arts Center on March 23rd. Tickets are $30 and go on sale March 10th at 9:00 AM. You can purchase tickets by phone only, 706-453-1908. We will be creating another blog post closer to that time with more information! For now, you can check out the competitors and more information on First Call Pregnancy Center at .