Outside the Gates – Emerald Shores

Outside the Gates – Emerald Shores

Fourteen miles from Hwy 44 (just far enough to gain some space, and close enough to be convenient to shopping) is the Emerald Shores subdivision in White Plains, Ga.  This neighborhood, sought after for its well-kempt, upscale properties, is also known for having the calm, clear water for which the Richland Creek side of Lake Oconee is known.


Although this beautiful community is not on the main lake, it is a short, 5-minute boat right to the Ritz and Gaby’s – something that was very attractive to homeowner and builder Danny Reed. “What drew us to this area was the privacy,” he begins. “We love the lake, and the HOA fees here were really low – about $400/year, which is significant compared to Reynolds.” As a property owner, Reeves has been pleased with his decision to construct a home in the Emerald Shores area and has enjoyed the private boat ramp maintained by the HOA. “It’s got a remote control gate so you can park and leave your vehicles safely.” From a construction perspective, Reeves feels he made a solid investment. “Square footage prices have held up well – actually have increased since we’ve been here,” he adds.


“We wanted a place that was ‘lake-y,’” laughs resident Wendy Clements.  After being shown many other homes throughout the area, Wendy and her husband decided on the first home they’d been shown – in Emerald Shores. “We wanted to be away a bit for privacy and quietude,” she explains. “We have children, and the kids can swim in the lake without worrying about dodging boats and jet skiers.” Wendy enjoys paddle boarding in the mornings, while her husband James kayaks on the smooth waters of their cove. “It’s so relaxing here. You can see why it’s called Emerald Shores – the water is this crystal clear green. It’s beautiful. And the wildlife… Amazing! Hawks, deer, geese, turtles… There are still lots here that are undeveloped and it’s wonderful to walk through there. It’s been very cool for us to see the wildlife here over the past 12 years.”


Relocating to another part of Lake Oconee so their daughter can pursue her interests, the Clements find that leaving Emerald Shores is bittersweet. “This is a great neighborhood,” Wendy says.  “When the hurricane storms hit recently, we were away from the residence. The neighbors kept us constantly updated and took care of our property for us. We never asked them to…they just did it. They’re what I’ll miss the most – these wonderful people. We feel safe here.”


The Clements family has enjoyed their home on the peaceful cove off of Clearwater Drive. “We’ve had a lot of company over the years. There’s plenty of space here for friends and family, and a big enough kitchen to feed them all.”


Interested in viewing property in beautiful Emerald Shores? Start here with the Clements home.  To view other properties in this area, see below! [wnt_grid keyid=”1″ title=”Emerald Shores” maptype=”above” ownertype=”all” paginated=”false” sortoptions=”false” maxresults=”50″ search_mode=”form” primarysearchtype=”active” searchtype=”subdivision” state=”GA” min_price=”0″ max_price=”1000000000″ subdivision=”EMERALD SHORES||White Plains” /]