Mothers. You may be 50, but you’re still her baby.

Moms. They make you crazy, but when you’re life is a disaster, she’s the only one who can make it better. Whether your 5 or 50, you never quite get over the need to be comforted as only she can.

As a new mom, you always wonder if you’re reacting in the right way. Am I over protective? Am I being too harsh? When do you stop giving advice? Ever? When do you stop worrying? Never?  There are no solid answers to these questions, and the amount you worry over your child never eases, no matter how old they are. My heart still stutters when I see my 25-year-old’s number on the phone, because I’m so over-the-moon thrilled that he’s thought to call me, and my eyes still fill with tears when it’s his birthday and he’s hundreds of miles away. Cherish every second, because one day he’ll be three and dropping cookie crumbs across every surface in the house, and the very next he’ll be 20 and you’ll be begging for those crumbs, just to have had a part in his day.

Celebrate all moms this weekend. She carried you in her body for 9 long months, braving backaches, swollen fingers the size of sausages, and cravings for disgusting food combinations, all to give you life. And then the real worry began. And, she took your crap all these years. Be kind, and take her to brunch. In Georgia’s Lake Country, there are a few decadent brunches to be had, but don’t delay in calling, or you may miss the boat and be forced to cook yourself. <gasp>

Reynolds Lake Oconee has 3 restaurants inside the gates that will be catering to Mom this weekend. Lake Club: 706-467-1601 | Ritz-Carlton: 706-467-7059 | Eighty8 Kitchen: 706-467-1132

While you’re there, take a peek at the homes and lots for sale. Give us a call if you see something you like. 706-339-0757

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