Local Realtors – An Ace up your Sleeve

Buying a home is complicated – don’t let anyone tell you different.  In any profession, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to step into the shoes of someone who’s been trained and educated in the nuances of that job.  For example, think what it would be like for a racehorse jockey to spend the day as a Physics Teacher. Probably wouldn’t go very well.

Someone spending the day as a Realtor would find themselves in a similar situation. Contracts, setback lines and septic tanks…oh my.  It’s very fun to spend the day showing clients beautiful homes, but there’s much more involved, even when making distinctions between a local agent and one out of town.

What areas of Lake Oconee are the most desirable? Which properties will increase in value over time, and which homeowners will find themselves taking a loss? What attributes of your property increase its value, and which will put a cap on its resale value? Do you know the types of lake docks, and which ones increase or devalue the property?  Our Realtors know the answer to all these questions and more.

As a company who gains many clients from referrals and repeat business, our reputation in the industry is exemplary.  It is of utmost importance for our Realtors to help our clients make wise choices. We LOVE when our buyers later upgrade to a bigger residence and their listed property sells quickly…and for a profit.

A good local Realtor is an ace up your sleeve, and the hammer in your toolbox. They’re a necessary, powerful resource when making one of the biggest investment decisions of your life.   Always look at online reviews, and never settle for ordinary. Be sure to look at ours. We think our reviews speak loudly.

If you’re looking for a Lake Oconee Realtor, call Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate at 706-338-0757 or visit the website at www.kimandlinlogan.com

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