Just (DON’T) Do It



It is said that “Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is high.” This is true with everything, but in the case of real estate, the person who pays the “tuition” ends up being the client.

We’re never surprised when clients tell us about blunders from past encounters with a new agent. It happens all too often that large brokerages hire freely and then leave the rookies to fend for themselves in a cutthroat, competitive atmosphere. Great agents have been cultivated like a fine rose. They are groomed for success, fed a rich diet of information, and liberally sprinkled with encouragement and support.

A great agent is a skilled negotiator, much like those sought after by high powered businesses and sports teams. They are a trusted partner because they have paid their dues, earned their knowledge, and have saved their clients money by using their skills, experience and market knowledge.

Being a great agent in Georgia’s Lake Country comes with its own set of challenges. Knowledge about the area; types of docks; relevant, current legislation and permits; appropriate pricing; and unique, effective marketing is absolutely necessary in order to give the best representation possible.

On the flip side, clients may be romanced by the promise of reduced commissions for taking a chance on a rookie or an agent who isn’t familiar with the area. Are you willing to pay their tuition? It may be a steep price.

Just don’t do it.

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