Brittney Cares: LO Youth Alliance

The Kim and Lin Logan Team strives to provide world-class service to its clients and support the lake country community through their charity, Brittney Cares.

This month Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate have been fortunate to contribute $2,500. This scholarship will be awarded by the LO Youth Alliance in the name of their Brittany Cares ScholarshipWhat is the LO Youth Alliance?

The LO Youth Alliance volunteers are dedicated to helping students K12. Since 2017 the Youth Alliance College Scholarship Assistance has supported 51 students. Also, the LO Youth Alliance has been blessed with donations to award $1,000 and $2,000. each year of undergraduate studies to 24 PELL eligible students.

Weve heard and seen many heartbreaking student stories, but few broke our hearts like this story of Cassie.

A family situation coupled with the isolation of the COVID pandemic, formed a perfect storm for this small girl to be lost with no one to hear her voice, and no one to protect her

She fought through a situation that could have destroyed her, but made choices that allowed her to survive and now she has an opportunity to thrive.

Working her way through the court system, this young student has emancipated herself, and will attend college in the fall. She did not drop out of school, she did not give up on herself, and with the support of a generous teacher and the staff at PCHS, she will graduate in June.Brittney Cares, Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate

Her decision to apply to Wesleyan College, was one supported by those who understand her unique and tragic circumstances. Wesleyan, an all girls college, offers a special environment for this tiny survivor. She has been accepted and hopes to attend Wesleyan in the fall if she can obtain enough financial assistance to pay the tuition, room and board at the school

With her accomplishments she will receive the PELL Grant, Wesleyan Scholarship and the Wesleyan Hope Scholarship as she will continue to work while in college

She still needs an additional $6,400. to attend Wesleyan in 20212022. If there are additional grants, scholarships, endowments or other private donors that can assist in her journey to attend Wesleyan, it would be money well spent.

She is a deserving student and additional financial assistance will allow her to attend school in the fall

Wesleyan, a Christian, Womans College is where she should be as she continues her healing journey. Thank your for consideration of this request.

If you’d like to contribute to helping Cassie, please reach out to us at .