Brittney Cares: Supporting Daniel Hall’s Fight Against Cancer

At fifteen years old and in tenth grade, Daniel Wayne Hall Jr loved Football. Playing for the team in Morgan County, he loved the preparation, camaraderie, and intensity of the game. Like any tenth grader, he was driven by his dreams and excited to go to college.

But in the blink of an eye, his world changed. 

Deep asleep, Daniel was jarred away by a searing pain in his right leg. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before. Was it a blood clot, since they tend to run in his family? An injury?

The pain was severe, so Daniel went to the doctor. The growing lump below his knee cap was a tumor containing a rare sarcoma cancer. Less than 1,000 cases of this particular strain are diagnosed in the U.S. each year, and no strain is the same.

In Daniel’s case, the tumor had wrapped around his leg, diving into his vascular system and traveling through the lymphatic system, ingraining itself from below the knee up to his right lung. At 16, Daniel was given a choice: amputate his right leg at the hip to stop the spreading, or undergo exceedingly painful chemotherapy.

Being a fighter, Daniel took on one year of intense radiation therapy. In six months, he went from a muscular, athletic 185 pounds down to 140 pounds. With no appetite and second-degree burns on the back of his legs from the radiation, Daniel was in dire straights.

He was given just a 33% chance to live. But Daniel defied the odds. Persevering mentally and training his body physically, he regained his strength powered up his immune system. After his ultimatum, Daniel battled back to put cancer in remission for two years. But 24 months later, cancer came back with a vengeance and attacked his right lung. After the intensity of his radiation treatment, surgical intervention became the next logical step. Daniel had a cancerous tumor removed from his lung.

 Unfortunately, now nearly five years since the initial diagnosis, cancer returned. At twenty years old, Daniel has been told his cancer is incurable. Conventional methods are off the table, and though he continues to fit tooth and nail, he’s got a road ahead of him. Eternally an optimist, you’d never guess it by meeting him. Daniel is tall, strong, speak enthusiastically, and exudes warmth. Lake Oconee real estate, Brittney Cares

On a personal note, I see him at the gym a few times per week. Frankly, I had no idea about the battle he was facing. It’s his ability to stay confident, bright, and passionate about life that’s served Daniel over the last five years, and with our help, we hope he can continue for much longer. Daniel will be on medication for the rest of his life.

Brittney Cares

At Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate, we strive to support the lake country community and give back to those in need. This month, the team at Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate was fortunate enough to pool $2,000 for Daniel to aid him in his fight against cancer. Daniel is truly an inspiration and leads life with positivity and gratitude we should all strive to match.

He’s focused on enjoying each moment and pushing through each day, and we’re so incredibly fortunate to be able to assist him through Brittney Cares. If you’d like to help Daniel in his continued fight, we urge you to do so.

For more information on how you can contribute to helping Daniel in his fight, please reach out to Kim Logan at 706-338-0757 or head to Brittney Cares at