Buying Property on Lake Oconee- Coves or Open Water?

When buying a lake home there are many different things to consider. Which lake do you want to buy around? What kind of dock do you want? How big is the property? And a very important question that a lot of people don’t think about right away,


“Do you want a property with a big water view or the privacy of a secluded cove on the water?”


This question I ask clients all the time because the beautiful homes on Lake Oconee often offer one of these options. I currently am listing two very similar homes that allow my clients to really look at that question. Both homes are in gated golf communities and are similarly priced.

Harbor Club Home

Reynolds Landing Home


The Harbor Club Home (click to see more of this home)  is a five bed/four bath home that is a great example of a home locate don a secluded cove. This home has a deck, patio, and pool and is located on a great Lake Oconee lot with deep water, serene cove views, composite max dock with multiple boat/jet ski lifts and it is also just a short boat ride away from Ritz Carlton.

The Reynolds Landing Home (click to see more of this home) is a prime “big water view” example. This home is a four bed/five bath home that also has a deck, patio, and pool. This Lake Oconee lot offers gorgeous views of the widest part of Lake Oconee with a max dock just off the main lake in a wide cove.


Harbor Club- Secluded Cove

Reynolds Landing- Big Water View


The privacy of a cove offers a calmer area for children to swim, less boat traffic and a generally quieter more secluded dock. Though a home with a big water view cannot offer the same serenity as a cove, it can, however, offer beautiful sunsets and sunrise views, the excitement of watching lake activities from the comfort of your own backyard.


Each Lake Oconee Homes offer something a little different, which do you find to be the better, big water views or a secluded cove?


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