April Fishing at Lake Oconee

I come from a long line of hunter/fishermen, and although I no longer partake in the actual harvesting of fur, feather and fin, I sure do like to eat ‘em. Flaky fresh trout fried in butter with some select spices (family secret, don’t even ask) on homemade white bread? My mouth is watering. I’ve got some recipes for a host of fish and game, some more mouth watering than others. Depends on the weather and your mood, you know?

All that being said, there’s something very calming about throwing a pole in the water from a boat, or even from a chair on the dock. Many a great idea has been hatched, and sanity saved by a day on the lake.

This time of year, Bass are feeding heavily and spawning. As a result, they can be caught all day long on a variety of baits, so add this to your “Things to do at Lake Oconee” list. Coves, deep and shallow are the place to be to get your April bass fix, and Lake Oconee is chock full of them. Some of the best are even for sale. Check out this list below. If you see anything you like, give us a shout. You’ll be fishing at Lake Oconee in no time. www.kimandlinlogan.com

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