Anna the Amphicar Joins Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate Team

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word amphicar? Maybe something like “what in the world is that?” or “is that the car that James Bond drove?” Yet, now when you hear of an amphicar you will immediately think of Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate because Anna the amphicar is our newest team member!


Amphicar History

An amphicar is an “amphibious automobile” meaning it is not only a car, but also a boat! The first amphicar was built in Berlin, Germany in 1961 and manufacturing continued until 1968. Just over 3,500 were built and they were (and still to this day) the only car of their kind.
Two propellers located in back of the car let it cruise through the water. According to, Hermes created a special two-part land-and-water transmission that allows the wheels and propellers to operate either independently or simultaneously.
When purchasing the car back in the 60’s you could expect to pay around $3,000. There were four original colors to choose from when purchasing the car: an aqua color called Fjord Green, Regatta Red, Beach White, and Lagoon Blue. All models were made as a convertible.
When driving, don’t expect to get anywhere fast. The fastest the car goes on land is around 55mph and on the water, it travels at a whopping 7mph. Today, there are only about 500 left in the world!
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Our Anna was built in 1964 and is the “Beach White” color. It has a red accent line across the side that is very unique to the car. There are about 10 amphicars like Anna left. Most everything in/on the car is original to the car, even down to the hubcaps.
Check out this video of Kim learning how to drive Anna!

Monday, we put our new personalized tag on, which says BUYLAKE. Thanks to Fred Feidler with Oconee Custom Signs, we also embellished the back of the car with decorative writing that says “Sailin’ Lake Oconee.” Do you like our play on words?




Keep an eye out for Anna crusin’ the streets and floating by your dock this summer! Let the Kim and Lin Logan Team show you property by car, boat, plane, or AMPHICAR!!